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  • Ideaalne vahend koerte ja muude agressiivsete loomade vastu, aga ka kurjade kavatsustega inimeste rünnakute tõrjumiseks. Baseerub looduslikul ainel  Oleoresin Capiscum  Silma ja muudele limas­kestadele sattumisel pesta ohtra  külma veega. Hoida lastele kät­tesaamatus kohas. Mitte heita tulle!  Hoiduda temperatuuridest üle +50º C.
  • A functional shirt which evolved in cooperation with ODLO forms the basis for this protective vest range. The shirt lies close to the body and is highly flexible. The combination of the shirt with our soft SK 1+ or Columbus package offers hitherto unattained wearer comfort even over long periods. At the same time, the shirt it entirely unobtrusive, particularly when worn under a shirt or a t-shirt. Very discreet side adjustment allows for individual abdominal fitting. Protection level:
    • SK 1+ for the German police (incl. Makarov and Tokarev)
    • NIJ III A
    • K1/-D1 flexible 25 Nm
    • Combi SKI+/VPAM K1/D1-soft/hybridsolution
    • K2 / D2 / W3 Alu
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    Cold Steel is proud to introduce the American Lawman - named in honor of, and expressly designed to serve, our brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement. Available in two sizes, these rugged knives are designed to perform in the most extreme environments while still remaining comfortable to use and easy to carry. Their drop point blades are big and sharp enough for almost any task while remaining "Civilian Friendly" in appearance. Made from high performance American CTS XHP Alloy steel and hollow ground to a thin, hand-polished edge, each blade is also DLC (Diamond Like) coated for added endurance and corrosion resistance. The Lawman’s handles are also designed to be as versatile and user friendly as possible. Made from G-10, they are contoured for grip security in even the worst conditions. A lock failure on your folder is incredibly dangerous - but if the lock fails on a police officer's knife in the line of duty, it could be disastrous! That's why we have equipped each American Lawman with our Tri-Ad locking mechanism. Designed to withstand terrific impact forces and shock, it has passed some of the most gruesome torture testing in the industry.
  • The Cold Steel AK-47 series has proven to be exceptionally popular with Military personnel and Law Enforcement professionals, and with good reason!Available in two sizes, each AK-47 features a solid 6061 Aluminum pommel and an American CTS XHP Alloy Steel blade, vacuum heat-treated and sub-zero quenched for maximum toughness, and hollow ground for an edge that has to be felt to be believed. Each AK-47 blade is also DLC (Diamond Like) coated for superior corrosion and abrasion resistance.Each knife has high quality G-10 handles that offer an incredibly secure grip even when wearing thick gloves or working in cold or wet conditions, and is equipped with our Tri-Ad lock. The Tri-Ad is arguably the world’s strongest locking mechanism. With a rock-solid lock-up and extreme shock resistance - two features of particular concern to our modern Military, who require dependable tools for the worst possible situations! Finally, to assure fully ambidextrous and lightning fast deployment, each AK-47 features our patented thumb plate, allowing the knife to be drawn and simultaneously opened by snagging it on the edge of a pocket.
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    Sokid Compressport

    45.00 39.00
    As medical quality graduated compression socks, FULL SOCKS V2 benefit from the wealth of experience and all the innovations developed by COMPRESSPORT TACTICAL® over the last 4 years. The result is a sport compression sock that combines: • the expertise of medical techniques for physiological benefits • specific features related to the needs of Operators • an exclusive blend of fibres for maximum comfort Full Socks V2 are the result of tireless research work, and they were the subject of a doctorate thesis.
  • Allahindlus!
  • Allahindlus!
    In order to react to the quickly changing threats faced by police forces all over Europe, especially those threats presented by Islamic terrorist, law enforcement needs to quickly rethink its armament. The recent terroristic attacks have proven, today’s police side arms are not able to cope with an opponent armed with military assault rifles and bomb vests. This is the main reason for the development of the Universal Service Weapon (USW). It was to designed to be a weapon which enables the first responder, thus the normal patrol officer, to intervene effectively in the event of a terrorist event. It is also a sidearm that is suitable for every kind of “normal” police work.
    Calibre 9 x 19 mm
    System Browning system
    Operation Semi automatic
    Length min./max. 257 mm / 473 mm
    Width 44 mm with closed stock
    Height 170 mm
    Barrel Length 110 mm
    Weight 1170 g
    Stock Pull 368 mm
    Primary Sighting System Aimpoint NANO
    Suppressor connector M13.5x1 left
    NAR Rails 1
    Magazines 17, 19 and 30 rounds
    Handling Ambidextrous
    Shoulder stock Foldable
    Also included B&T APL Advanced Pistol Light, one each 17, 19 and 30 round magazine, duty holster, cleaning kit, sling, manual, case.
  • Ideaalne vahend koerte ja muude agressiivsete loomade vastu, aga ka kurjade kavatsustega inimeste rünnakute tõrjumiseks. Baseerub looduslikul ainel  Oleoresin Capiscum  Silma ja muudele limas­kestadele sattumisel pesta ohtra  külma veega. Hoida lastele kät­tesaamatus kohas. Mitte heita tulle!  Hoiduda temperatuuridest üle +50º C.
  • B&T APC9

    State of the art materials and manufacturing methods paired with Swiss Precision turn the APC9 into the perfect gun for all sportive carbine disciplines as well as for plinking. Accurate, rugged, reliable.
    Calibre 9 x 19 mm
    System Close bolt blow back system
    Operation Semi automatic
    Length min./max. 385 mm / 597 mm
    Width 67 mm (incl. chargin handle)
    Height 293 mm (incl. 30 round magazine and Aimpoint)
    Barrel Length 175 mm
    Twist Rate 250 mm / 10"
    Weight 2.7 kg (incl. 30 round magazine, Aimpoint, front grip)
    Stock Pull 340 mm
    Primary Sighting System Aimpoint Micro TL
    Secondary Sighting System Flip up emergency sight
    Sight length 261 mm
    Suppressor connector 3-Lug
    NAR Rails 1 + 3
    Charging handle Interchangeable
    Magazines 15, 20, 25 and 30 rounds, translucent Polymer magazines
    Handling Ambidextrous
    Shoulder stock Foldable
    Training System Simunition, Manipulation
    Also included One 15 round magazine, two 30 round magazines, QD front grip, cleaning kit, sling, case, manual
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    Master Tanto

    Our Japanese San Mai III® blades have been a Cold Steel staple for decades. Coveted by Martial Artists and knife collectors alike, they are still much in demand, but these luxury fixed blades are only produced in very limited numbers.With this in mind, we created the Nightfall Series - Made with the same level of quality and attention to detail as our Japanese classics but trading San Mai® for premium American CPM 3-V powdered super steel. The CPM 3-V Master Tanto features a highly wear-resistant DLC (diamond like) coating, and honed to a screamingly sharp edge. The 3V Master Tanto has a black DLC coated blade unlike the San Mai III Master Tanto
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    Designed by Andrew Demko, the AK-47 Field Knife is enormously sturdy. Expertly crafted from CPM3-V steel, the AK-47 Field Knife is then DLC (Diamond like Coated) from the tip of its beefy saber ground clip point blade through its full tang and integral steel pommel ensuring and hard wearing, super tough finish.Supplied with a versatile Secure-Ex sheath, the AK-47 Field Knife is the perfect companion for today’s modern Military personnel.
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    Equipped with our Tri-Ad lock for superior safety and security, the Finn Wolf is a folder that you can rely on in even the most uncompromising conditions. Its satin polished Japanese AUS 8A blade is ready to put in long hours and hard work, and with its keen zero ground edge it’s a breeze to re-sharpen in the field.
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    The Finn Hawk’s handle is two time injection molded. The first layer of high-impact polypropylene is strong, durable and highly weather resistant, while the outer layer (made of TPR rubber) has a whorled spiral pattern providing a food safe, comfortable and secure grip in even the worst conditions. The Finn Hawk is supplied complete with a slim line secure-ex polymer sheath with integrated belt loop.
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    The Outdoorsman Lite features sub-zero cryo-quenched German 4116 Stainless Steel blades, and newly designed handles. The handles are made in two parts. They feature a Polypropylene guard, pommel, and core section, which envelopes the knives full tangs. The core is then over-molded in a deeply checkered Kray-Ex for a non-slip grip that’s easily cleaned with soap and water. To carry your knives safely and conveniently in the field, we are including a pouch-style versatile low profile polymer sheath with integral belt loop.
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    Featuring the patent pending Flash-Tek spring assisted mechanism, the Swift Series has the astonishing speed and smoothness of the finest assisted opening knives, but with the unparalleled strength you have come to expect from Cold Steel and Andrew Demko.The Swift Series is without a doubt the strongest assisted opening knife on the market today. Impervious to shock, it adds a new degree of safety hitherto unseen in the assisted knife genre.
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    Cold Steel’s Ti-Lite folding knives evoke the sleek speed and rebellious lines of the classic 1950’s switchblade. They feature sharp and strong bead-blasted American CTS XHP Alloy blades, and CNC milled 7075 Aluminum handles which are finished with a protective EDP (Electric Discharge Plating) coating.
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    For ease of carry, the Ti-Lites® come equipped with a small, but unobtrusive steel pocket clip, and can be opened rapidly by using the thumb studs or by snagging a quillon on the edge of your pocket as you draw your knife out.
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    Instead of 7075 Aluminum, we use 43% glass filled Zy-Ex for the handles, and Japanese AUS 8A instead of American XHP for the blades.
  • Made from premium American CTS XHP steel, this beast of a blade is just perfect for everyday utility use and cutting chores. Zipping through even tough material like a hot knife through butter! The 3D CNC machined textured, and stippled two-tone G-10 handle is not only incredibly comfortable both in the hand and in the pocket, but it also houses what is arguably the strongest lock in the industry! Available with either a rich satin polish or deep black DLC (diamond like) coating, the Colossus is sure to become your favorite knife for everyday cutting tasks.
  • A design collaboration between custom knife-maker Andrew Demko and Lynn C Thompson, the Ultimate Hunter represents the culmination of almost 3 years of design evolution.Made from American XHP steel with a Rockwell hardness of 60-61, the Ultimate Hunter is hand-ground to a razor edge that will last an amazingly long time
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    We are proud to announce a new version of our beloved Master Hunter. Retaining it's classic lines and functional design, but with the integration of some of the finest materials in the industry today. Featuring an extra broad American CPM3-V High Carbon Steel blade, coated in a highly scratch resistant DLC (Diamond Like Coating) and honed by hand to a razor sharpness that has to be felt to be believed.
  • MONOLITHIC AXE AND TOOL With its handsome and weatherproof black powder-coat and modern Secure-Ex sheath, the Drop Forged Hunter brings all the best features of a time-honored hunter’s knife, but in a thoroughly modern package!
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    The very popular, time tested Recon Scout has been in our line for many years and are ideal for just about any mission. Made out of O-1 High Carbon Steel, they are precision ground, heat-treated and Mar Tempered in our state of the art factory in Taiwan to rival the strength, toughness, and edge retention of our famous Japanese swords.